A multi-consolidated production process

Tommasin can count on a production with a strongly consolidated production process: flat, conical and hemispherical dished heads formed in a workmanlike manner that guarantees dimensional accuracy and excellent surface finish, thanks to our techinicians' expertise and availability of machines and ground breaking technologies.

Production process - Dished heads

The production cycle begins from the sheet-metal cutting (or from welded sheet metals). The disc is then formed principally in two manners: the crowning-to create a spherical cap and the borders, and the edging-to produce the junction of the crown radius and the cylindrical part.

There are several common types of dished heads depending on the manufacturing. Most of the times the dished heads are semi-manufactured to form pressure vessels under specific laws of the field.







Selected raw materials

With a more than 4000 square meters entirely dedicated to raw materials stock, and a cutting-edge technological management system, Tommasin is able to set at zero the times of the most used sheet-metal shape and size.

Sizing and documentation

Since the offer demand we are able to point out suggestions, advise and answer to all the customer's questions, providing the product techinical and documentation specifications needed (sizing, manufacturing, tests, finishing).


Our core activity is based on material forming process. The two principle phases are those of the crowniing-through rollers-of the dished heads borders.


The welding is one of the most specialised process of our production process. We are able to weld several types of materials through different type of welding manufactured by qualified technicians, following constructive codes.
Random radiographic tests are also performed on dished heads not to test, in order to keep the standard high and deliver a reliable product to the customer.

Surface treatments

We are able to treat stainless and carbon steel dished heads surfaces in line with the market demand. We are able to offer a surface treatment through a cleaning/degreasing system undertaken to offer to our customers a time saving.

Destructive and non-destructive tests

They are applied to materials and dished heads in line with constructive codes and customer's needs. We guarantee test certificates to our costumers thanks to our great amount of technical know-how and qualified technicias trained directly in our factory.

Certificates and quality

Conformity assessment is a complex process that takes place in each processing phase, even more supported by the introduction of digital, automated and high-performance machineries 4.0. Our company provide complete documentation of quality tests respecting all the necessary and requested production specifications and tests.


Especially in case of big dished heads, we are specialized to provide to the customer all the technical support needed (measures, weight, type of transport required) and suitable transport steel frames (both returnable or not). Since we export throughout the Mediterranean and Europe, we are specialized in creating the right supports for ship, road and container loading. We also manage, on request, the supply at the arrival.

Ready stock

Even if Tommasin's products are custom to fit the Cutomer's needs, our company is provided with a warehouse with ready stock to withdraw, or ready for quick changes to be adapted to every customer's demand.

Carbon steel, stainless steel, alluminium, and copper dished heads.

Tommasin's dished heads are produced through cold forming process, with materials provided by the customer or our certified raw material (stainless steel, carbon steel, alluminium and copper).

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Carbon steel, stainless steel, alluminium, and copper emisherical dished heads.

Our material approved during the tests, is ready for the next processes of cutting, forming and pressing; then there are the matching based on the outlines, the cutting of excesses, the welding, the chamfering . Finally the production process ends with the size control.

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Carbon steel, stainless steel, alluminium, and copper cones.

It only differs in the calendering of the field for the use of a calender to obtain conical and welded calendered plating. Instead of using an hydraulic press, it is alligned with the dished heads forming during the remaining process.

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